1) Exhibition at The Belfry in Hornell on 5/9/14: Religion. Blood. Hair. Cigarettes. (first of three videos)

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Jennifer Degges had her 2014 MFA Thesis Exhibition at The Belfry in Hornell on Friday, May 9th. The exhibition was titled:

Religion. Blood. Hair. Cigarettes.

From the artist's statement: "These four words represent things that have shaped who I am and what makes me an artist...they have to do with the importance of where I'm from and the pride embedded in geography and heritage."

Neither videos or photos capture the magnitude of these pieces of art. Many standing over six feet tall, every different angle evokes different "essential paradoxes engendered in human experience..."

Ms. Degges will be moving to Los Angeles, but these pieces of art are for sale. You can visit the artist's website at JenniferDegges.com

The Belfry is an artist-run exhibition venue co-founded and directed by Ian McMahon and Ashley Lyon. It is located at 406 Canisteo St., Hornell, NY. More info and details of upcoming shows at BelfryArts.com or UnderTheBelfry@gmail.com.

Ian McMahon: GeorgeIanMcMahon.com

Ashley Lyon: AshleyLyon.com
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